MAY Staff Eco Passes Available April 22nd

MAY Eco passes will be availale for sale April 22nd - May 10th

Staff Eco passes will be available to purchase until Noon of Friday, May 10th, 2024

Student PEGGO cards are available through the Student Association

Spring / Summer Term Booklist Available week of April 8th, 2024

Spring /Summer Term: includes all courses which begin between May 1st and August 21st.

Course lists will be posted approximately 3 weeks prior to the beginning of classes.  If you do not see the list for a specific course/program please check back.

Account information is not automatically downloaded into our website

  • Your RRC Polytech account information is not automatically downloaded into the Campus Store database.
  • You will need to manually create an account when placing your first order with us.

WINTER Term booklists available.

Wiinter Term: Includes courses which begin between January 01 and April 30th, 2024.

This is an ongoing process as we receive information from the various programs.

The website is updated ever hour so if you do not see your course information please check back.




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