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News and Notes

***In the interest of public health due to the COVID-19 virus, Red River College is closed to the public.


***Following this directive the Campus Store and Print Shoppe at the Notre Dame and Exchange District campuses are also closed. Please visit our online locations which are still open.


* We are unable to respond to phone calls at this time so please contact us here 

* For updated information please continue to visit us here or at our Facebook page.

*  For more updates to Red River College COVID-19 responses, please visit here.

 Booklists and Web Orders

    Booklists for most of Fall 2020 term courses will be posted to our website August 6th.  Continuing and Distance Education courses will be posted August 12th.

 Course Materials lists are available on our website 3 weeks prior to the beginning of term. Please click on the “TEXTBOOK” heading to generate your list.

Method of payments accepted are Visa or MasterCard or A/R (sponsorship).

×          We are unable to accept a combined credit /debit card.   

×          Sponsorships must be preapproved by RRC to be eligible.

×          If these two methods of payment are not an option for you, we do accept prepaid credit cards.


Returning Rented Textbook to Campus Store

Please visit here under COVID-19 Information for returning your rented textbooks to the Campus Store.


The online rental and renewal of lockers feature is closed until further notice.  Please visit here under COVID-19 Information for more news on the retrieval of belongings from a locker.

 Print Shoppe

  The Print Shoppe is unable to accept any student print requests at this time.  Please email us here if you have any print related questions.