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The Campus Store at RRC Polytech is open for in person shopping, although we do have some precautions still in place.

Masks and vaccination are mandatory. You will be required to show your vaccine passport and photo id to enter any campus of the college. Please visit https://www.rrc.ca/coronavirus/on-campus-safety/ for updated COVID information.

  • Preferred method of payment is Debit or Visa / Mastercard.

Please click on "Order Textbooks" before your visit and print off your booklist to use as your shopping list. There are places in the store where you will be unable to use your phone.

  • The number of customers in the store is limited so please anticipate added wait times.
  • Please respect social distancing while in line waiting to get into the store and while shopping.

You will receive an email when your order has been processed.

  • The processing time for a web order is approximately 3-7 business days.
  • This does not include the shipping time if you choose to have your order shipped to you.
  • Shipping within the City of Winnipeg will take 1-2 business days
  • Within the Province of Manitoba will take 2-4 business days
  • Within the rest of Canada will take 4-6 business days.

Shipping outside of Canada will take 2-6 weeks depending on the destination.


Ordering Course Materials / International Students

Welcome to Red River College

 To order your course materials for the Fall 2020 please follow the steps below:

  • Visit Red River College Campus Store website https://bookstore.rrc.ca/.
  • Click on the TEXTBOOK header.
  • Scroll down to FIND MY TEXTBOOKS.
    • Enter your Last Name & RRC student number.
    • Click  SEARCH
    • Your PERSONAL list of Course Materials will appear.
    • Select the course materials you would like to order and add them to your cart.
    • You will be asked to enter your account information. Your RRC credentials are not automatically loaded into our e-commerce site. You will have to create your account.
    • Select the shipping method of INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Red River College will be paying for shipping of course materials to International locations for the Fall 2020 term.
      • It will take about 3 weeks for your order to arrive.
    • For those of you studying in Canada select the shipping method of SHIP TO ME VIA CANADA POST.  You are responsible for paying the shipping cost of your order.
      • It will take about 10 business days for your order to arrive.
    • In the SPECIAL INSTRUCTION box please add you RRC student number.


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1)      Why can I not get my booklist?

a.      You must be registered in your course and it takes 24 hours for this information to flow to our database.

 2)      I noticed the item has a dollar value of $0.00 and is not allowing me to add it to my web order how can I purchase it?

a.      The title “NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED” means that you do not need a textbook for this course.

b.      The title “FURTHER INFORMATION REQUIRED” means that we are waiting for information on this course from the instructor and we will update this as soon as we have the correct information, so please check back.

 3)      What does “CHOOSE ONE” mean?

a.      The required textbook is available in different formats. Format #1 is a printed copy of the book with additional online study aids. Format #2 is an Ebook version of the book with the online study aids.   You do not purchase both only one.

 4)      What methods of payment can I use to pay for my order ?

s  Mastercard*

s  Visa*

*We do not accept Debit cards so a combined Visa/Debit or Mastercard/Debit card will be declined when we process your order.


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